After working at the Ford Smart Lab Sydney for the past 3 months, I’ve learnt about the amazing technology that Ford invests in each vehicle they produce. We currently have 3 cars on display: the Ford Mustang GT, Everest Trend and Escape ST-Line. These vehicles showcase some of the coolest technology I’ve ever seen. From infotainment to safety, Ford has you covered.

Ford Mustang GT

​In the Ford Mustang, one of my favourite aspects is the customisability of the lights and dash. Using settings on the 12” digital instrument cluster, you can customise the look of the interior to match your mood. The display allows you to choose from colour options to set ambient lighting in various locations around the cabin with lights appearing behind the door handle, in the cup holders
and above the pedals.  This adds to the already “extra” personality of the Mustang. The Pony Puddle Lamp is my favourite little-known feature of the Mustang, giving the car that extra bit of ‘wow factor’ by shining the brand logo on the ground when you open the doors. So fancy!

Ford Everest

The Everest is filled with smart technology that’s been carefully designed to make a comfortable drive. I was surprised to learn that the car has imbedded noise cancellation, which uses the same technology as your noise cancelling headphones and blocks noise from outside the cabin.  The 7-seater 2nd and 3rd row seats are easy to fold down flat. Imagine chucking a mattress in the
back, parking up on a beach or lookout, and camping in your car. Dreamy.

Ford Escape

One of my favourite things about the Ford Escape is the size; it’s not too big and not too small. It’s designed with plenty of boot space and leg room, yet still compact enough to make parking and driving easy. The seating position is higher which means that I’m not struggling to see over the dash and have clearer vision of the road.  Adding to its driveability is the electronic power assisted steering that makes steering feel lighter and parking manoeuvres a breeze.  The 2019 Escape is currently on a plate run-out as we eagerly await the new MY2020.25 Escape to arrive to Australia.

​We’re changing up our vehicles on display in the next few weeks. Be sure to come in to chat with the team and check them out for yourself.

Written by Anika Misir
Smartie at the Ford Smart Lab Sydney