The Ford brand is synonymous with quality, reliability & style, deciding on which vehicle to purchase is often the easy part. What can be daunting is deciding how to run and pay for your new purchase.

At the SmartLab and at the AAG Dealerships we offer a range of finance choices and a helpful approach with no pressure means that we can help you create a package that suits your lifestyle.

Loan Contracts

Loan Finance for new and Used Vehicles for term up to five years. The minimum value is $5,000.00. This product is one of the most popular choices for used vehicle financing.

Corporate Hire Purchase

Choice for semi-employed people and companies. Payments can be amortised over the whole contact period or structured around a balloon payment. This plan can enable the car buyer to achieve desired tax savings or a more comfortable monthly repayment, or both.

Chattel Mortgage

And for self employed or business applicants to maximise tax benefits and claim all the GST in the next operating period.

Finance Leasing

A finance from Macquarie Leasing is a tax effective and flexible way for business to obtain a new vehicle.