What can you do at the Ford Smart Lab?

At the Ford Smart Lab you can ask us for a Smart Drive, which will take you on a 45 minute exploration of the vehicles engine capability, comfort and smart technology.

We have 6 vehicles ready to experience in Macquarie Shopping Centre car park including the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Focus ST-Line, Endura ST-Line, Everest Trend, Mustang 5.0L GT and Escape Trend.

These 3 cars I want to talk about below have been engineered carefully and thoughtfully and perform top of their classes to make your driving experience more enjoyable.

Ranger Wildtrak

The Ford Ranger has been named Australia’s Best 4x4 Ute on countless occasions. One of my favourite features is the hill-descent control. This feature employs the same technology that cruise control utilises when you need to take the car down a slope and maintain a pre-set speed. No need to touch the accelerator or brakes leaving you in control of steering and focusing on the road.

Another handy is the power operated roller shutter which you can open from your key fob, through the dash or the tray. It’s a major improvement on security and additional load space whilst being convenient for owners.

Now the car may seem pretty big to some drivers that are nervous when it comes to parking. But never before have I seen something quite like the Park Assist technology. With the press of a button, the car starts scanning for spots that it can parallel park into and once detected, it gives visual instructions for controlling the accelerator and brake pedals, while the car steers itself into the spot. 

These are only the tip of the long list of features in the Ranger which make it comfortable, reliable and reasonably priced.

Focus ST-Line

The new Focus is a fun, agile car with an impressive 1.5L EcoBoost engine. This seems like a small engine but it’s not to be underestimated. Ford’s EcoBoost engines have the fuel efficiency of a smaller engine but the power of a large one. The first time I got behind the wheel of the Focus, I would not have guessed that the engine only worked with 3 cylinders, not to mention the fact that it can even shut one off when the car doesn’t need it, making it that much more fuel efficient.

The 180-degree camera gives you extensive awareness of your surroundings. Combined with rear sensors, that give an audio and visual alert on distance when in reverse.

It’s generally a less cultured feel in the cabin. The wireless charging pad in the centre console means I chuck my phone in without fussing around with cords. The new Focus also has a rotary e-shifter dial to change gears rather than a traditional stick shift. 

It’s a responsive car which makes it zippy and fun to drive.

Endura ST-Line

The first thing I noticed about the Endura was the sleek design of the interior. The car epitomises comfort, with 10-way power seats and powered lumbar support so you can adjust the seat to your perfect position. There’s memory settings for the driver’s seat which means if anyone else takes it out for a drive, your seat position won’t be compromised (available on the ST-Line and Titanium models). Those two models also have heating and cooling functions in the front seats. Personally, I’d never heard of cooling seats before but I definitely found it useful to cool down through the Aussie summer. No sticky legs gripping to leather in this car.

Traffic Sign Recognition was also a new feature that I liked because it told me when I was driving in school zones and let me constantly see the speed limits illuminated on the dash, rather than trying to remember what was on the last sign post.

If you love to shop and usually walk out with your hands full, you’ll love the hands-free tailgate that opens using a sensor when you kick your foot under the rear bumper.

After driving my 2014 model for the past 3 years, a 2019 built vehicle was a completely new experience.

Our team loves to talk about Ford. Be sure to come in and check the range out for yourself.

Written March 2020 by Anika Misir
Smarties at the Ford Smart Lab Sydney

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